All Natural

Sweet & Healthy: Old-Fashioned Berry Jams at the Reston Farm Market, VA

Who said sweets can't be naturally good for you? Besides our locally sourced, hard-to-get raw honey from Golden Angels Apiary, VA, we searched and found the best of the old-fashioned, all-natural jams made by Amish Wedding Foods. So if you crave for some homemade jams that your grandma used to make, look no further! Stop by the Reston Farm Market today and get a jar or two of these super delicious, all natural berry goodies:

  • Old Fashioned Blackberry Jam
  • Old Fashioned Black Raspberry Jam
  • Old Fashioned Gooseberry Jam
  • Old Fashioned Peach Jalapeno Jam

Stop by the market today!

Reston Farm Market, VA to Cary GoodPop's All Natural, Real Ice Cream

We are excited to be able to offer truly the best of the best to our customers in Northern Virginia!

The summer is here, and we are not only thirsty, but need some real, good, and healthy ice cream! Well, here you go - we looked and found some of the GoodPop’s wholesome, mouth-watering frozen treats for you. Stop by the Reston Farm Market today and grab some of the delicious ice cream made with the finest, real, wholesome, and clean ingredients. 

Look for these ice cream flavors at the Reston Farm Market:

  • Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free COOKIES N'CREAM Ice Cream
  • Real CHOCOLATE MILK Ice Cream
  • Non-GMO ORANGE N'CREAM Ice Cream
  • Dairy-free and Gluten-free CHERRY + LEMONADE Ice Cream

See you at the market!